Our Therapeutic Areas

Gilead is committed to advancing care for people around the world by bringing forward medicines to address unmet medical needs in the areas of viral infectious diseases such as HIV, Viral Hepatitis and COVID-19, dangerous systemic fungal infections, and in Oncology. We do this through internal research and development, as well as through collaborations with academic and industry partners.

Since 1987, Gilead has brought more than 25 innovative medicines to the market, helping to achieve significant positive impact on the lives of many patients.

HIV: Continuous therapy optimization

In the fight against the immune disease HIV, we have repeatedly set new therapeutic standards. We are conducting research to further develop our medicines: for therapies that have fewer side effects or those that, thanks to their long-lasting effect, can be an alternative to taking tablets every day. After all, in HIV treatment today, what is innovative is not just what saves lives, as was the case 30 years ago. What is innovative is what saves lives and enables those affected to lead as normal a life as possible. Today, modern treatment options enable people living with HIV to have an almost normal life expectancy if they are diagnosed and treated early.

Our dedication to innovation applies not only to how we approach developing medicine, but to how we aim to facilitate access to medicines. We have forged industry-leading programs and partnerships to expand global access to our innovative therapies. We are also committed to driving inclusive science to help improve the lives of individuals living with HIV and reshape the future of HIV care.

Beyond the science, we work with our collaborative partners to help address the root causes driving the HIV epidemic. We strive to reduce disparities across HIV care and prevention, advance education among healthcare professionals, and provide on-the-ground support to communities.

Hepatitis C and B Viruses

Making a severe, complex disease treatable is a major scientific challenge. Hepatitis C was considered difficult to treat until 2014. Then, thanks to Gilead, there was a breakthrough with a new generation of combination antiviral therapies that we developed. In Switzerland alone, around 32’000 people are living with a Hepatitis C infection, a third of whom are unaware of it. That's why we support awareness campaigns and initiatives aimed at increasing the number of tests and providing the right care and treatment for those affected. After all, if you're not diagnosed, you can't be treated. Our long experience in virology has repeatedly enabled us to respond agilely to current global health crises and make our therapies globally accessible in collaboration with international organizations such as the WHO.

For 20 years, we have also been at the forefront of improving care for people with chronic Hepatitis B, pursuing multiple research pathways toward a possible cure.

Innovating to Treat COVID-19

As COVID-19 broke out and the pandemic began to emerge, we responded quickly to advance several antiviral compounds that had already proven effective against other coronaviruses in laboratory and preclinical studies. In doing so, we leveraged our decades of antiviral experience and extensive internal resources to help patients and healthcare professionals ease the burden of the COVID 19 pandemic. To date, more than 13 million people worldwide have benefited from these efforts.

Gilead also voluntarily signed non-exclusive licensing agreements with generic manufacturers to further expand access in more than 125 countries, nearly all of which have limited resources.

Helping to Bring More Possibilities to People with Cancer

Making progress in cancer requires a strategy built on the power of partnerships and groundbreaking technologies. We have rapidly built a broad pipeline: From antibody-drug conjugates and small molecules to cell therapy-based approaches, our research and development programs are creating possibilities for people with cancer.

Our work in Oncology is driven by our talented team that strives to deliver the best possible outcomes for people with so far overlooked and difficult-to-treat cancers. We will continue to advance significant growth in this area, internally and through collaborations, as our pipeline and clinical development program mature and expand.

Our ambition is to reset the standard of care in solid tumors and blood cancers. By 2030, we have set two very specific goals: to deliver 20+ transformative therapy approvals, thereby positively impacting the lives of over 500’000 people with cancer.

A Historical Commitment Against Invasive Fungal Infections

For 30 years, Gilead has been invested in the treatment of invasive fungal infections, in particular aspergillosis and candidiasis. Going forward, we continue to work to improve access to antifungal treatments for all people who need them.